The Painting Process

One reason why Professional Touch Painting Corp. is known as an outstanding painting contractor is because we adhere to a detail-oriented painting process. In our experience, we’ve developed a process that consistently produces the highest quality results. So that you’ll know what to expect, we’ve included a brief overview of the standard Professional Touch Painting Corp. process here. Remember that we’re always willing to make adjustments to our process to meet your job’s specifications.


Identification and Repair of Flaws

We begin with an onsite inspection of all drywall, looking for flaws such as nailpops, screw pops, cracks and broken corner beads. Once we identify the flaws, we then do any spackling, sanding, and cleaning that’s needed. All wood items will be sanded and cleaned before they are primed. Any items and surfaces that will not be painted are covered and protected with tape, plastic, paper and dropcloths.

The Prime Coat

An Essential Step

A prime coat is applied.  The prime coat is sprayed and or rolled for a smooth, even finish. A prime coat is necessary because this coat bonds loose material particles on the surface to the base.  The provides a tougher, harder surface to provide stability for the next coat of paint.  A prime coat seal removes any remaining surface imperfections, leaving a flawless surface for our finishing coat(s.)

The Finishing Coat

A Smooth Even Finish

In the final step, we apply a finish coat which is rolled for a smooth, even finish. All doors and trim are sprayed for an optimal finish. Once this coat has dried, we touch up any missed areas or imperfections. A second finish coat may be applied if required by the specifications. When the last step is complete, we schedule a walk-through with our client for final approval.

Our Secret Tools

Why Our Services Stand Out


Our prices are very competitive.


We use only professional career painters.  Painters who care about each job and the final product.


We use only top quality paints and finishes — Quality brand names that you can trust so we can guarantee our work.


We have many satisfied references — We’ve already earned the trust of many of your neighbors and have been in business for over 15 years. 


Legitimate contractors won’t mind offering you proof of licensing, a federal and state employers tax id number, proof of liability and workers compensation insurance from his insurance agent.


Professional Touch is fully covered with liability insurance. You are fully protected in case of any unintentional damage to your property.

Fully Covered

All of our workers are covered too, with workers compensation insurance — So you don’t have to worry about injury related lawsuits in case a painter falls from a ladder. 


We guarantee our work — If your paint should peel, then we will repair peeling areas free, with out any hidden costs to be paid later by you. 


Painters do daily clean up — We won’t interrupt your lifestyle by having tools and equipment scattered all around your home or office.

Thorough Prep

Surfaces may be scraped and sanding, and windows puttied. Bare surfaces will be primed, chalky areas wire brushed, we’ll apply rust inhibitors, repair cracks and holes and caulk cracks. We’ll repair cracks in walls, plastering, and many other repairs.


Someone who has been personally involved in painting and has knowledge about your type of paint job and more importantly, is sensitive to your needs, will oversee every step of your project. We want the job to get done, to your satisfaction.

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